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Glycol Flake-ice Machines

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Secondary refrigerant (glycol) Rapid Freeze ice flaker
The Howe Rapid Freeze® model RLG ice flaker features unexcelled quality, reliability, and long life. They are durable, energy efficient and provide a high degree of flexibility to a wide diversity of industrial applications.

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Capacity per 24 Hrs. @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

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Water Usage

Glycol Flow Rate Requirement at -15°F Inlet Temp. 80°F Water Temp.

Industry Type

1000-RLG 1000 lb 0.10 GPM 7 N/A
2000-RLG 2000 lb 0.17 GPM 12 N/A
4000-RLG 4000 lb 0.35 GPM 24 N/A
6000-RLG 6000 lb 0.50 GPM 36 N/A
51-RLG 10,000 lb 0.85 GPM 60 N/A
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 
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