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General Purpose Flake-ice Machines

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Modular remote low-side, split, air-cooled flake-ice machines
In a rare combination of simplicity, functionality, and afford-ability, Howe’s Rapid Freeze® Ice Flaker has earned its reputation as the world’s best value in ice equipment. Arguably superior to any competing brand, Rapid Freeze® features a unique warranty of 25 years covering the evaporator, 10 years for the ice blade and 2 years on parts. At the heart of this reliable industrial grade ice flaker is a sophisticated design with only one moving part. Durable components are constructed of high-strength, light-weight, corrosion-resistant materials for years of trouble free service. THe Howe Rapid Freeze® cylindrical shape evaporator is the most compact in design of any like-capacity ice maker on the market.

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Item #


Capacity per 24 Hrs. @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

KWH/100 lbs. Ice @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

Ice Hardness Factor

Water usage/ 100 pounds of Ice

Industry Type

1000-RLE Ice Flaker 1003 lb 4.42 100 12.0 gal N/A
2000-RLE Ice Flaker 1959 lb 4.35 101 12.0 gal N/A
4000-RL Ice Flaker 3946 lb 3.04 101 12.0 gal N/A
6000-RL Ice Flaker 6000 lb 3.1 N/A 12.0 gal N/A
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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