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ENERGY STAR® ice flakers

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   Howe Corporation is proud to offer to our customers products that have earned the government's ENERGY STAR® label.

As an ENERGY STAR® PARTNER, Howe Corporation offers several ENERGY STAR-qualified Rapid Freeze® flake-ice machines that set the standard for energy efficiency, water conservation and longer, trouble-free operating life. 
Our reliable ice flakers are engineered to deliver exceptional quality ice that keeps food cooler and fresher for a longer period at reduced operating expense.

From food processing and distribution to supermarket and retail applications, Howe has an energy-efficient Rapid Freeze solution to meet your needs.

Proven Energy Efficiency

Innovative engineering and rugged construction deliver exceptional heat transfer. Requires significantly less energy per pound. Substantially lower operating/maintenance requirements. Optimized water usage.

Exceptional Ice Quality

True, 100% dry, sub-cooled flake ice contains four times more surface area for significantly better cooling – up to 20% longer. Drier ice draws heat away quickly and evenly. Process uses less energy with virtually zero water loss.

Below are some useful links to the ENERGY STAR website, as well as some information on possible rebates and incentives. 



Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

ENERGY STAR qualified models are listed below, for connecting to a remote parallel rack system, or when sold with our remote outdoor, R-404A, air cooled condensing unit.

 Howe Flake Ice 

Howe Flake Ice Stacks Up Against the Rest! Ice Comparison
Howe Flake Ice Stacks Up Against the Rest!

Fish on flake ice
Freshwater Ice vs. Seawater Ice Comparison
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Item #


Capacity per 24 Hrs. @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

KWH/100 lbs. Ice @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

Ice Hardness Factor

Water usage/ 100 pounds of Ice

Industry Type

1000-RLE-404-230 Ice Flaker 1003 lb 4.42 100 12.0 gal N/A
3000-RLE-404-230 Ice Flaker 2879 lb 3.74 100 12.0 gal N/A
4000-RL-404-230 Ice Flaker 3946 lb 3.04 101 12.0 gal N/A
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 
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