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1,000 Pound Capacity Ice Flaker Parts

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F5D2 Main Shaft 4
F5E1 Ice Harvesting Blade 5
F5E2 Top/Bottom Auxiliary Ice Scraper for Harvesting Blade N/A
F5E5 Nuts, Bolts & Washers for Ice Blade N/A
F5J5 Top Insulating Ring Spacer 6A
F5J7 Bottom Insulating Ring Spacer 6B
F5G1 Ice Deflector 7
F5G2 Nuts, Bolts & Washers (Ice Deflector) N/A
F5J4 Top Insulating Ring 8
F5J8 Bottom Insulating Ring 9
F5K1 Main Bearings (2) 10
F5K2 Bottom Bearing Plate 11
F5K3 Main Shaft Oil/Grease Seals (3) 12
F5K4 O-Ring for Bearing Plate 13
F5K5 Bottom Bearing Disc, Stainless Steel 14
F5K6 Bottom Bearing Disc Lock-Ring 15
F5K7 Bearing Replacement Kit (Reference No.'s 10-15) N/A
F5H5 Water Distribution Pan 16
F5H6 Water Distribution Side Spout Tube (6) 16A
F5H30 Water Distribution Bottom Spout Tube & Fitting 16B
F5H25-4 Water Sump Cover N/A
F5H26-P Water Sump Assembly for RLE 17
F5H26 Water Sump Assembly for RL 17
F5H18 Water Sump Gasket N/A
E10Q7-P Replacement Water Pump (230/1/60) with Plate, with Molex Plug 18
  Results 1 - 25 of 33 1 2 
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