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Item # 2000-RLE-CO2DX, CO2 Flake-ice Machines

The Rapid Freeze Model 2000 Flake Ice Machine features an attractive enclosure. This design significantly reduces the installation cost, while improving quality and cleanliness for many food cooling applications in the supermarket & food processing industries..

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  • Supermarkets
  • Seafood
  • Bakeries
  • Poultry
  • Produce
  • Catering
  • Sausage
  • Dairies

Model Number Information


For Use on subcritical or transcritical DX CO2 Systems

Daily Capacity

908 kg

Ice Quality

100 %

Operating Parameters

Optimum Ambient Temperature1

90 ºF

Optimum Water Temperature2

70 ºF

Optimum Water Pressure3

18 to 20 psi
1 45ºF (8ºC) min., 100ºF (38ºC) max.
2 50ºF (10ºC) min., 90ºF (32ºC) max.
3 15 psi min., 60 psi max.

Ice Flaker Specifications

Capacity per 24 Hrs. @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)

2000 lb

KWH/100 lbs. Ice @ 70º/90ºF (21º/32ºC)1


Drive Motor2

1/3 HP

Water Pump3

0.75 FLA

Total Approx.

6.11 RLA

Min. Circuit

10.0 A

Max. Fuse

15 A
1 kWh is for ice flaker & matching condensing unit power. kWH for flaker low side only, when tied to rack system is substantially lower.
2 208-230/1/60
3 230/1/60



29-1/2 in


38 in


40 in

Dimension A

3-1/2 in

Dimension B

18-3/8 in

Dimension C

11-3/8 in

Dimension E

11 in

Dimension F

25-1/2 in

Connection Sizes

Power Supply

1/2 kO


5/8 ODS


1/2 ODS


1/2 ID Hose

Water Supply

3/8 Comp

General Specifications

Shipping Weight

485 lb

Water Usage

240 gal/day

Approx. Operating Charge R-404A

6 lb

Refrig. Required @ +5ºF (-15ºC) Evap. Temp.

17,050 Btu/hr

More Information

Unexcelled Energy Efficiency

Howe's Rapid Freeze Flaker utilizes an innovative extended surface evaporator design and unique material combination to offer significantly superior heat transfer characteristics over most ice machines in the industry. As a proven innovator for over 50 years, Howe brings a distinctive blend of technology and engineering expertise to enable Howe Flakers to operate at considerably lower cost than popular granular style flake ice machines.

Remarkable Longevity

The rugged "Open Style" Rapid Freeze evaporator design allows ice to be harvested by gravity, avoiding the punishing bearing loads that granular style flakers experience during harvest by an extrusion process. Howe's approximate 50% lighter bearing load enables Rapid Freeze Flake Ice Machines to frequently last three to four times longer than competitive machines.

Exceptional Quality Ice

Rapid Freeze units produce the "Authentic" 100% dry, sub-cooled flake ice that contains approximately four (4) times more surface area than many competitive flake ice machines. When compared to granular style flake ice machines whose production is only partially frozen (between 65% and 70% ice quality), Howe Flake Ice offers significantly greater cooling capacity, and lasts up to 20% longer.

Reliable Ice Production Capacity

Howe Rapid Freeze Flake Ice Machines are some of the only flakers which voluntarily base model numbers on daily capacities using ARI conditions of 70ºF water and 90ºF air temperatures (21ºC/ 32ºC), de-rated for 100% ice. Compared to comparable model granular style flake ice machines, it is not uncommon for Howe Flakers to produce approximately twice as much ice as competitive units at ARI conditions.

Warranty Protection

See complete warranty for details.
  • 25 year evaporator warranty
  • 10 year ice blade warranty
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • 5 year compressor warranty (optional)

Patented Bin Ice Level Control System

For maximum bin storage, infrared control turns machine off when ice level reaches chute.

The Low Ambient Kit

CO2 Model Ice flakers are designed for ambient temperatures between 90°F & 45°F. A Low Ambient Kit is included in all CO2 model ice flakers. The Low Ambient Kit consists of 3 replaceable heating elements to prevent ice from forming on the bottom of the machine.

For Use With

Howe Modular Bins1

CP1000, Mobile Express Ice Storage Bins
CP1500, Mobile Express Ice Storage Bins
CP2500, Mobile Express Ice Storage Bins
CP750, Mobile Express Ice Storage Bins

Water Filter System

E10H54, Single Replaceable Core Cartridge Filter System


Ice Level Control, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
Evaporator Pressure Regulator, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
NEMA4-TEFC Kit, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
Suction Strainer, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
Low Water Cut-Off Switch, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
Salt Dosing Kit, Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Accessories/Options
1 Add 9" (23 cm) to depth for pouch door on upright bins.

Warm water mixing valve required in low ambient, & low water temperature conditions. Unit Includes Liquid Line Solenoid Valve, EEV & EEPR valves & controllers.


·  2000-RLE on CP1500 Dimensions


Rapid Freeze Ice Flaker Brochure
(PDF, 803KB)

Howe Ice Storage Bin Brochure
(PDF, 1094KB)

Ice Flaker Features
(PDF, 263KB)

Howe CO2 Ice Flaker Warranty Registration
(PDF, 123KB)

Howe Leasing Program
(PDF, 2059KB)

Spec Sheet 2000-RLE CO2 DX
(PDF, 340KB)

Installation & Service Manual 1000-2000-RLE C02 DX Rack System
(PDF, 4842KB)


Howe Ice Flaker Applications
Howe Ice Flaker Applications

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