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Howe Flake Ice Stacks Up Against the Rest!

Howe Flake Ice stacks up against the rest!
  • Howe flake ice has over 17,000 square feet of surface contact area per ton of ice providing more cooling capacity than any other form of ice. Tube, Plate, Shell, or Crushed ice has between 4,250 to 13,500 square feet of cooling capacity.
  • Flake ice is formed in Flat flakes which flow more freely and provide greater contact area than any other form of ice.
  • Howe ice is harvested dry and remains dry, packs well and cushions products against damage. It's flat shape will not damage the outer skin in perishable products.
  • Howe ice is harvested completely dry, so it does not rapidly fuse together in a low temperature storage bin or clog screw conveyors or pneumatic delivery systems.
  • Flake ice is the most economical ice forms to produce, requiring only 1.42 Tons of refrigeration per ton of ice produced from 70 F (21.1 C) water (colder water requires Less refrigeration per ton of ice).

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