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Freshwater Ice vs. Seawater Ice Comparison

Comparison Chart
  Freshwater Ice Seawater Ice
Evap. Temperature Evaporator Operating at -5°F Evaporator Operating at -30°F
Refrigeration Requirement Requires 17,050 Btu/Hr at -5°F Requires 17,000 Btu/Hr at -30°F
Ice Quality Ice is dry, crisp Ice is wet, soft
Ice Handling Easy to move Somewhat easy to move, may be pumped
Ice Storage Easy to store Stored in vats (sealed) storage bins/tanks
Advantages Freshwater ice will not freeze product

Less refrigeration required per ton of ice produced

Freshwater ice does not add salt content into fish
Colder temperature lasts longer extending shelf life

Can be produced where shortages of freshwater, or freshwater is too expensive
Disadvantages Freshwater may be expensive, or in short supply Lower temperature of seawater ice may freeze some products

Salt may be absorbed into some species of fish

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