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Ice Flaker Parts

Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers are designed for heavy duty industrial use, built to last over 25-30 years (with proper maintenance). As with any equipment, occasionally you may need to repair / replace or adjust parts which may become worn or misadjusted over time The following pages are here to assist service agents or users with part number listings and instructions for replacing / adjusting parts on our machines. For service information, or instructions for replacing / adjusting parts, click on the part number link, this link will open a new page with instructions for installing / adjusting the part.

Another benefit to Howe Rapid Freeze ice flakers is they can be repaired to extend their useful life.

Howe Corporation offers a re-manufacturing service for existing equipment. Under this program, the customer can remove their machine from service, ship the unit back to our Factory (Chicago, IL) for repair estimate. Upon receipt, we will dis-assemble the machine & inspect for worn or obsolete parts.

Howe Corporation will then provide a written estimate of the cost to repair the machine. Upon approval of the estimate, Howe will then rebuild the machine to new specs and return same unit to owner. This often times extends the life expectancy of the ice flaker. This is a brief outline of the procedure, for more details, please contact us.

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1000 Series Ice Flaker Parts

2000 to 6000 Series Ice Flaker Parts

Large Capacity Ice Flaker Parts

1,000 Pound Capacity Ice Flaker Parts


2,000 to 6,000 Pound Capacity Ice Flaker Parts (General Purpose)


Large Capacity Over 6,000 Pound Capacity Ice Flaker Parts (Selective Purpose)


Miscellaneous Ice Flaker Parts (E20T48-2)

Miscellaneous Ice Flaker Parts


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