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Flake-ice Equipment

Howe Corporation manufactures Rapid Freeze® flake-ice machines starting from 1000 pounds per day capacity up through 40,000 pounds per day.  Our world renown ice flakers are designed to connect to your existing central refrigeration system, with models for virtually any refrigerant, including ammonia and now CO2.  For installations without central refrigeration systems, we offer specifically sized R-404A condensing units for split system installations.

In addition, we also offer perfectly matched storage bins.

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Rapid Freeze®­­ Ice Flaker Accessories/Options


Ice Flaker Parts

 Howe Flake Ice 

Howe Flake Ice Stacks Up Against the Rest! Ice Comparison
Howe Flake Ice Stacks Up Against the Rest!

Fish on flake ice
Freshwater Ice vs. Seawater Ice Comparison


Howe Ice Flaker Applications
Howe Ice Flaker Applications
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